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Immersive Mental Wellbeing

Spark Lasting Change

Take your mental health & wellbeing on an immersive, magical journey upwards. One where you navigate negativity and nurture positivity, push past problems and pull in peace.

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Scientifically Backed

Trailer for Mindway
Videoyu Oynat
Peace of Mind,
Piece of Cake

Promise yourself change, and we’ll help you experience it more effortlessly than you ever could have imagined.

You’ll meditate, relax, talk and maybe even sleep your way through immersive landscapes and interactive exercises, uncovering that tranquility, self-awareness, connection, and happiness are, indeed, states of mind.


Bite Sized Bliss, Big Time Benefits

We know you’re busy. That why Mindway is designed in happy little bites. So that good habits are easy to form and even easier to maintain.


Mindfulness meditation courses in areas like anxiety relief, self-love, and more.



Come together with other users for guided peer support sessions at "The Fireside". 


Cinematic ASMR worlds that immerse you in relaxation.


Sleep experiences to help you fall and stay asleep.

Follow Your Guiding Star

It will take you to happiness. Not the fleeting kind, but the deep, lasting happiness that comes from truly understanding and caring for your mind. We’ll keep checking in with you along the way.

"Beautiful graphics and tons of content. The voice overs are smooth and relaxing."


"I am all open to somebody
saying no, there's a better app
or VR experience for meditation currently that you can use, and
I don't believe it."

RuffTalkVR Podcast

"There was nothing that I encountered in Mindway that I didn’t enjoy."

Where Science Meets Serenity,
and You Meet a Better You

What do we design Mindway based on? Why is it that so many of us have started — and subsequently stopped — regular wellbeing habits like meditation? Read through how we analyzed (and then solved) some of the problems we face in our wellbeing journeys. 

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So come and join the thousands already unlocking their mental strength, and discover that your happiness is, as they say, a state of Mindway.



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Immersive Mental Wellbeing

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