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From Stress to Success
Transform Your Workday with Mindfulness

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Peace of Mind, Piece of Cake

Meditation is great for developing soft skills like stress management and self-confidence, but it can be hard and complex.

Now, VR makes focusing easier than ever before, and reduces time spent in-app for the same effect, as compared to mobile apps. 

Here, science meets serenity, and

you meet a better you.

Bite-Sized Bliss,
Big Time Benefits

We know your team is busy, and that’s why Mindway's VR Employee Wellbeing platform is designed in little bite-sized exercises that your employees can use even during lunch breaks or between meetings to boost mental performance & health.

With Mindway,
good habits are easy to form, but even easier to maintain.

Take a Break,
Make a Breakthrough

Fix problems like stress and lack of creativity, and develop soft skills like burnout management. Develop mental strength.

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Did you know?

Mindfulness meditation contributes to mental agility, resilience and self-awareness. In addition, mindfulness can reduce emotional exhaustion, increase openness to new ideas and develop compassion for coworkers.

Employee Performance


What we Need

What Actually is


What we Need

What Actually is


What we Need

What Actually is

Employees wellbeing overlaps heavily with corporate wellbeing in areas like emotional health, soft skills, focus and creativity. Simple investments in employee wellbeing can drive up day to day performance and improve a company's productivity.


Source: TheLifeCo

Solving What Other's Can't With Proven Benefits in an Easy & Engaging Way
While the benefits of meditation have been demonstrated time and time again, drop out rates are high, with less than 6% of people continuing to use mobile meditation apps after 30 days.
Experiences in VR is 35% more easily digested than those on traditional platforms, as they engage both audio and visual attentional resources.
In one study ran by an independent digital lab in Melbourne, using Mindway's VR wellbeing app for 5 minutes increased positive mood by 25.5%, decreased negative mood by 12.8%, and reduced anxiety by almost 90%.

Well-Priced Platform, Priceless Benefits

Access to quality mental health resources should never be a luxury.  That's why we operate on a simple, predictable and affordable fee per headset per year. We also offer discounts.

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